American Made Tour

Happy Monday to you and I trust you had an enjoyable weekend! It will most likely come as no surprise to all that I have a love and passion for both photography and music. Growing up in a musical family set me up at an early age to enjoy many genres of music and after [...]

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Marina Heights

Happy Monday after a St. Patty’s Day weekend. I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day celebration whether you are Irish or were Irish for the day. I’ve had the opportunity over the few past months to visit Arizona and take part in my neices birthday celebration, to meet the newest addition to my [...]

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Luck of the Irish

Hello and a very merry “Top of the Morning” to you one and all! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day “week” to everyone that is Irish and all whom wish to be Irish. Huntsville celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday with a blistering cold “Parade of Green” downtown with well over a 125 participating entries. By its [...]

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