Music Celebration of Life

A very hearty Monday morning to you all. As summer continues to linger, the fall like weather over the weekend was a glorious opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Last week the music industry said goodbye to a legend with the passing of musician and producer Johnny Sandlin. Johnny lived in Decatur Alabama [...]

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Mountain View

A very happy Monday morning to you all. It was another glorious weekend in Alabama and a super weekend for college football with some unexpected upsets shaking up the top 25. I spent part of this past weekend helping a friend work on his bluff lot that over looks Lake Guntersville. The view is absolutely [...]

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AAMU Homecoming

A very happy Monday morning to you all. What an exceptional weekend of fall like weather we were treated to this past weekend. It appears the hot days of summer are soon to be behind us. It is definitely “Football Weather!” This past weekend I attended the Alabama A&M University Football Homecoming as the hosted [...]

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Jamaica MON

“No Problem Mon!” and a very happy Monday morning to you all. My apologies for not posting a blog last week (for those that noticed) but it appears that I may have still been on “island time!” as I was just returning from a quick trip to Jamaica. Actually last week was full of delightful [...]

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Brighter Days Ahead

A very good Monday morning to you all. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the residents in Florida in hopes that they will be spared from the devastating hurricane that is bearing down on them. A few weeks back I was traveling in Texas splitting my time between Amarillo and Austin and avoiding [...]

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Austin City Limits

A very happy Labor Day to you. It is the unofficial last weekend of summer! Like most people, I spent the weekend enjoying the start of the College football season and the victory of # 1 Alabama over # 3 FSU. Roll Tide! Last week I was traveling in Texas splitting my time between Amarillo [...]

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Good Morning from the great state of Texas. Luckily for me I had to fly to Amarillo and was able to avoid the issue with Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately there are a lot of individuals in south Texas that were not so fortunate. Hurricane Harvey came ashore as a category 4 storm on Saturday and there [...]

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A very happy Tuesday morning to you! I hope you will pardon the delay in receiving this weeks blog but as you may well know something pretty amazing took place yesterday and I thought it would be best to delay a day and hopefully share it with you. Yesterday, millions across the United States witnessed [...]

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Cave Music

A very happy Monday morning to you! Despite the torrential downpour on Friday, thankfully the rest of the weekend turned out to be a beautiful thing. Saturday evening the Land Trust of North Alabama hosted the second concert of it’s summer concert series at Historic Three Caves with the Grammy award winning Bluegrass band, the [...]

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Signs of the Times

Greetings and a very happy Monday morning to you! It turned out to be another fabulous weekend but the weatherman is predicting rain for the week. I would say it is much needed so long as it ends before the weekend. Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to spend some time [...]

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Dog Day Afternoons

A very Good morning to you! I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather that we had over the weekend. I was able to get out Sunday and enjoy a beautiful day boating with friends on Lake Guntersville. A few months back I had the pleasure of going over to [...]

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Vegas Baby

Good Day from the Glitz and Glitter capital of the world – Las Vegas! I took a little road trip over the weekend to attend the opening of an International Juried Art Show that one of my photographs had been awarded a “Best of Show”. Of course, the better part of the weekend was spent [...]

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City Reflections

Hello and a very happy Monday morning to you all. In spite of the on again off again rain showers and the extreme humidity, I hope you were able to find something cool to do over the weekend. The face of our city is every changing and if you do not believe it, than just [...]

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Rockets Red Glare

Hello and a very happy week after the 4th of July! It was such odd timing for the 4th to come on a Tuesday this year making the extended weekend celebration a little harder to manage. I can only hope that you found a way to survive the extended festivities and had to time to [...]

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