Snow Daze

Happy Monday Morning. Not a lot to say about this past week’s weather but “BURR, It’s been COLD!!!!!!!!!!” I have burned more wood this week in the fireplace than I think I did all last year. On Tuesday, as most of you may remember, we got our first snow of the year in Huntsville. It was not all that the weatherman [...]

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OB – Ocean Beach

Happy Monday Morning. This week’s weather has been so up and down and as the week ended we had another winter blast come east. Logs in the fireplace and lots of clothing have been our only defense against the blistering cold. Anybody that knows me knows that I am a huge college football fan and [...]

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Arizona Highways

Happy 2018!!!!!!!!! I hope you have had an excellent beginning to the New Year even with the extremely cold temperatures we are experiencing around the nation. I came home from southern California to the winter chill. Unless you have been buried under a rock for the last two weeks, you should know that tonight is [...]

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Happy New Year

I know I am a day late in my greeting but like most people, I spent Monday recovering from celebrating New Years Eve and then watching some (a lot) college football. Congratulations to the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama for their incredible wins and making the up coming CFP game an all [...]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I’m sitting here in Phoenix, AZ with my sister and her family enjoying a spectacular Arizona Christmas. For most everyone reading this, Saint Nick has come and gone and most of you are in the “dispose of wrapping paper mode”. It seems like only yesterday that I was here in February celebrating the [...]

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Tinsel Trail

Ho Ho Ho - Here comes Santa Claus, Hear Comes Santa Claus!! 14 shopping days until Good Ole Jolly Saint Nick arrives. I hope you all have been very very good or somewhat “naughty and nice.” Every holiday season for the past 6 years Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL. transforms itself into spectacular display [...]

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Oyster Stew

Good morning to you all. I trust you had a wonderful weekend and what an absolutely amazing Saturday for college football. At the end of the day we have two teams from the SEC headed to the “Big Dance!” Congratulations to the University of Georgia and University of Alabama on their selection to the College [...]

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Turkey Dressings

Good morning to you all. I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and that you are not suffering from PTC – Post Turkey Consumption. I have been on travel for most of the month of November with the first two and ½ weeks spent in the Tampa Bay area preparing my [...]

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Fond Farewell

A very good Monday to you! I hope your weekend was a great one. I finally made it back from my extended trip to Tampa. Car troubles plagued me on the way down as well as on my initial attempt to return home. For all of you traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends [...]

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Last Dance

A very good Monday to you! I hope your weekend was a great one. It has been beautiful weather in the Tampa Bay area and I have gotten to take a few breaks from all the family residence chores to spend some quality time with high school and college buddies. I traveled home to Tampa [...]

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Full Moon Rising

A very good Monday morning to you! I hope your weekend was a great one. I am writing you from Tampa, FL where I have traveled home in preparation to get my parents home ready to put on the market. A few years back my sister and I made the very difficult decision to move [...]

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Trick or Treat

A very cold and spooky Monday morning to you all. It appears that Mother Nature has decided to fast forward and let us get a little taste of what winter may have in store for us. We are one day away from one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Halloween. Halloween has become [...]

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Music Celebration of Life

A very hearty Monday morning to you all. As summer continues to linger, the fall like weather over the weekend was a glorious opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Last week the music industry said goodbye to a legend with the passing of musician and producer Johnny Sandlin. Johnny lived in Decatur Alabama [...]

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Mountain View

A very happy Monday morning to you all. It was another glorious weekend in Alabama and a super weekend for college football with some unexpected upsets shaking up the top 25. I spent part of this past weekend helping a friend work on his bluff lot that over looks Lake Guntersville. The view is absolutely [...]

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