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Auto Road Trippn

November 23rd, 2015

A very good Monday morning to you and Happy Turkey Day week. I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends, enjoying your time giving thanks for the entire blessings we have.

I am in Ohio on the last leg of a 3-week workshop road trip and I’m looking forward to making my way home to spend some quality time back in Sweet Home Alabama. I got to see my first snow flurry of the year while shooting in Lancaster, OH. As brief as it may have been, it was enough to want to push me south again. I have a few days left here with one last stop in Dayton which will most likely cause me to travel home on Thanksgiving Day but such is the life of a gypsy photographer.

Prior to coming to Ohio I was traveling and assisting with photographic workshops in Florida and Georgia. While in the Georgia area I decided to stop by one of my favorite photographic venues and see how Mother Nature had changed the landscape and also take the opportunity to visit with it’s very colorful owner Dean Lewis. Old Car City is a auto salvage grave yard that has been turned into a photographers paradise just by the very nature of just leaving all the cars in place and letting Mother Nature takes it’s natural course. Over the years the cars have continually been covered with pine needles that are creating a very unique and different type of auto art.


It appears that the well keep secret of this auto art paradise is no longer a well-kept secret. Since my last visit to the junkyard, with visits from the New York Times and CBS Sunday morning show, the word is getting out.

Dean appeared to be extremely excited about the potential of what this type of publicity would do for the business and I have not doubt that more “explorers” will be headed this way with cash in hand.


Old Car City has been around since 1931 but it took Dean to realize that there was “gold in them their hills” after he noticed quite a few photographers stopping by wanting to photograph all the old cars. And what a wonderful place to tour and photograph it is. To his benefit he is continually coming up with new ideas to make the experience more enjoyable for his visitors. With 34 acres, over 4000 cars and the changes in the seasons, it would be hard to imagine that one could ever say they had captured it all. Stop by, say hello to Dean and tell him dK, the boy from BAMA sent you!!! Happy Thanksgiving – ENJOY!


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Sunshine City Spirits

November 16th, 2015

Good morning to you! I trust you have had an enjoyable week and another college football weekend lived up to all that was promised – “Roll Tide”! I had the enjoyable pleasure of spending two weeks in Florida and I now find myself heading to Atlanta Georgia.

Last week I was in the St. Petersburg, FL teaching at a photographic workshop. The November trek has become an annual travel adventure for me as we spend three days at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico staying at the Bilmar Hotel. I am originally from the area, born in Tampa, FL. and spent a fair amount of time in the Clearwater and St Pete area while growing up, so the territory is very familiar to me. For most that attend the workshop it may be the last bit of beach they see and heat they feel for a few months since winter is right around the corner.


Today’s St. Petersburg in not the city I knew growing up. It was best known in my day as a sleepy little retirement community, with “Sun City” as it’s most notable residential retirement destination. It is anything but that today even though there are still segments of that lifestyle that live on in the area. The St. Pete of today is a very vibrant and thriving coastal city with a downtown that has become a hot bed for nightlife and entertainment. For me it amazing to the see the transition of the city and all that is now offers in lifestyle and culture. St. Pete, with a population of over 250,000, is nicknamed the “Sunshine City” because it averages around 360 days of sunshine a year and is in the Guinness World Record for logging in 768 consecutive days of sunshine. The move from retirement community to a younger populous has a lot to do with the weather but most likely its noted moniker as a city with a youthful pulse and it’s vibrant “art scene”! As I traveled around the city on one of my free afternoons, I could just sense why the city has become so popular with its very colorful downtown residences, the restaurants, all the beachfront retail stores and specialty grocery stores like the one and only – Locale Market ( started by famed celebrity chefs Michel Mina and Don Pintabona.  It is grocery store heaven! I get why the “youth” is moving in!!!!


Although much of the look and attitude of the city as changed, thankfully they have made the changes without losing a lot of the heritage of the city.  One of the most opulent and noted downtown hotels is the Vinroy Renaissance, built in 1926, and for many years if was the go to hotel for the “in-crowd and the famous.” Originally, hotel guests had to pay the astronomical price of $ 20.00 a night, which was considered piracy during those days. The hotel thrived for many years and then fell on difficult times, closing it doors in 1970. The hotel became a haven for criminals and vagrants for many years until it was bought and fully restored to original opulent nature in the 1990’s. It is once again a destination for the rich and famous, although it may be most noted in some circles for its legends of ghostly presences that roam the hallways. It seems that the most prominent of these spirits is a lady dressed in white that has been seen wandering the halls of the 5th floor. There are many legends and tales that surround her sightings and speculations on who she is. The most common belief is she is the spirit of Elsie Elliot, a socialite, who was killed when she was pushed down a flight of stairs by here wealthy land baron husband, Eugene Elliot. But other stories prevail of mistresses and maids and loves lost. For more ghostly Vinroy tales you can go to –


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Back to the Beach

November 9th, 2015

Good morning to you! I trust you have had an enjoyable week and the weekend lived up to all that was promised! Being a fan of college football I could not be more excited about last weekend and watching the exceptional game as the Alabama Crimson Tide “rolled over” LSU!! Roll Tide!

I know it may come as of a surprise to some of you but after being at being home for a week I find myself on the road once again. I am looking at a road trip that will include traveling through Florida, Georgia and Ohio instructing at a few photography workshops. This trip will close out my photographic workshop journey for this year.

I had a few free days on the front end of my trip to Florida so I took advantage of it and stopped in to visit with a dear friend of mine in Perdido Key. While driving late in the evening and traveling on a few of the long and lonely highways I started to have flashbacks of my days when I was traveling extensively to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It has been quite a few years since my last visit to OBX but the trip and the landscape is unforgettable. The last few miles to reach my OBX destination always ended up with me traveling at night on coastal NC 12 that took you to the southern portion of the island. Traveling on the highway from I-65 to Orange Beach provided me with a similar feel and perspective.

I am not exactly sure why thoughts of OBX were ignited but it could have been the fact that it has been almost a year since my last trip to Perdido and much longer for any visit to the Outer Banks. In a lot of ways, the two coasts are very similar in “look and attitude” and I have very fond memories of both. To me, spending time on the ocean and the gulf is so much a part of my childhood memories and so much a part of my adult years that I find myself constantly dreaming of dipping my toes in the sand.

While spending two glorious days in Perdido enjoying my visit and spending time on the beach I could not help but think back to some very fond times spent in North Carolina on the beaches of the Outer Banks – fondly called OBX. I guess I just need to find some time to get back there.



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Hello Mr. Wilson

November 2nd, 2015

Good morning to you all! I trust you enjoyed your Halloween weekend and caught a little rest with one more hour added to your weekend schedule.
My apologies in advance for subjecting you to a second week of Halloween blogs but like “SugaCrisps”, I just couldn’t get enough!

As a child, one of my all time favorite comic strips and TV shows was Dennis the Menace. I loved his very playful but very precocious and mischievous nature. I loved him so much that I always thought in some very endearing way I was named after him. As such, much to be parents wearing patience, I tried to live up to the billing while I was a kid. My antics elevated as I became a convert with the Little Rascals. I have no doubt there were times my parents questioned their choices on what I watched. At least I hope that was the whole story.

This Halloween I finally got to act out my child hood fantasies when my desire to be Dennis the Menace was fulfilled. One of my best friends had made a few masks in the past and I had been after him for a couple of years to make me one. I came to him with the idea of a Dennis the Menace mask and he graciously agreed to make me one.  I finally had an opportunity to be the Boy Wonder and what a fun filled evening we had. It was most satisfying when I reveal my true identity and people put the pieces together, Dennis being Dennis the Menace!!


What a thrill it was to spend the evening reliving my childhood comedic fantasies as we trans versed the many ghouls, goblins, Day of the Dead fans and the many Super Hero’s. Even though my character was very recognizable, I cannot say the same about my companions. The best I could come up with is that had to be my “southern cousins” Their masks are the best but not very well received. You can see it in the eyes of all of those that they encounter. No matter the reception, it is always an extreme pleasure to trick or treat with them and see the transformation into the “happy couple” they become as the night wears on. Many thanks to Philip and Kathy for being my running buddy’s!!!!

Right out of the comic strips! ENJOY!!!


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Ghouls and Goblins

October 26th, 2015

A very good but wet Monday morning to you.  It looks like Hurricane Patricia did not want us to feel left out and after hitting the west coast has brought her leftovers to the southeast.

As a child, I cannot think of a day that I looked forward to more then Halloween except if that day was a holiday called Christmas. Halloween was the one-day that allowed us to live out our childhood fantasies and become our favorite superhero, goblin or Disney character.  It was the one day that we could go out and terrorize the neighborhood with all the other ghouls and goblins and not get in trouble for our unruly actions. Of course, what we looked most to on that evening every year was the payoff, the bag of candy that we came home with.

Halloween is no longer a day just for children but has become one of the most favored days for adults to dress up and play. Projections list Halloween as the 4th most popular spending holiday of the year with people spending over $ 2.6 billion on costumes and over $ 330 million on pet costumes. We can only guesstimate how much is spent on candy and then on dental bills!

I have had the luxury over my many years of photography to create images that represent the many holidays and Halloween has become one of my favorites to do so. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great make-up artists and talented models to bring Halloween visions to fruition. One such shoot was with Makeup Artist, Sylvia Smith and model April Thomas. Starting out with a creative face design the concept grew into a full blown Halloween set.


As most of you know I have been on the road for the past two months. One of the things I looked forward to while I was in Venice was visiting the Venetian mask shops. I have been a collector of masks for quite sometime and I could not wait to experience first hand the history and making of these masks. I was fortunate enough to find two new masks, out of the thousands of designs, while I was there that ended up coming home with me.

I was not home alone for long before I was back on an airplane heading off to Las Vegas and then on to Houston. While in Vegas we visited Old Vegas and the many galleries and stores outside the glitz and glam of the Strip. While there we came across a shop selling Day of the Dead masks that evolved from the Hispanic celebration of the holiday. Browsing through the store, I found another mask I was unable to leave with out. While shooting in Houston I found a wonderful location and asked one of the models to poise with the mask. As much as I hated to cover the face of the very lovely, Bayley Marie, she was most willing to participate. So back we went into a small alley and captured the image below.

My wish for you this week is that you find the inner child again and enjoy a most wonderful Halloween weekend.


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