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Cool Caves Rock

July 25th, 2016

A very happy and glorious Monday morning to you all. It was another exceptional week in the Rocket City!

This past weekend the Land Trust of North Alabama hosted the second event in its summer concert series at its managed property, historic Three Caves. It amazes me that after having hosted concerts and events at Three Caves for over ten years that there are still people living in the city and the surrounding communities that have not been to caves or are not familiar with this unique piece of property.  The question is always asked during the event of how many of those attending are first time patrons and generally a fair portion of the group raises their hands. On one had that is extremely encouraging and on the other hand you just want to ask, “How have you missed the boat for so long?”

This past Saturday evening the Land Trust was very fortunate to host the second concert of the summer series with local musician Amy McCarley ( and her band, opening up for the 6 member (three of which are siblings) North Carolina Americana rockers Delta Rae. With the cool temperatures coming out of the caves, it was a glorious evening to beat the heat with Amy and her band entertaining the crowd as they settled in for what was to be an exceptional night of music and community.


As Amy closed out her set a slight rain began to drop into the area. With any outdoor venue, the chance of having to deal with the elements and Mother Nature is ever present and this night proved to be one of those evenings. With about a 35-minute delay, the rain finally subsided and Delta Rae proved to those that stayed it was well worth getting their spirits slightly dampened. As the lights came on and the cheers of the crowd welcomed the band to the stage you could feel the excitement and energy build. The band did all they could to thank those that were back in their seats with their high energy and captivating stage presence.


I could be slightly biased but I think Three Caves could very well be the most mystical and unique venue in North Alabama if not in all of Alabama. As you walk down the graveled road entering into the bowl of the caves you begin to feel the cool temperatures emanating from the three caves and you just know you are in for a big treat. As you settled in for an evening of entertainment, the lights begin to come on and transform the venue into something very magical. All most every entertainer that plays the Caves comments on just how incredible and unique the location is.

If you live in the area and do not know about the Land Trust of North Alabama you should dig a little deeper ( The Land Trust manages over 6300 acres and over 55 miles of trails of public land entrusted to the land conservatory for public access and use. It is amazing to think that we have some of these properties available within waling distance to the city. The Land Trusts mission is to “preserve and protect land and its legacies, including wildlife habitats, farms, historic sites, waterways, and mountains for conservation, public recreation, and environmental education to enhance quality of life in North Alabama.” They are one of the number one reasons that Huntsville always rates in the top ten of cities in the United States for outdoor recreation.

Whether it hiking, canoeing or just the need to take part in a magical evening of music, the Land Trust of North Alabama has something for just about everyone.


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Cloud Coverage

July 18th, 2016

Hello and a very happy Monday morning to you all! In spite of the pop up rain showers, I hope your weekend was spectacular!

Last week was a very slow week for me but definitely needed. I just had my townhome remodeled and now I am slowly putting the pieces back together. With any remodel you realize that some of the old stuff fits and some do not so I have been taking my time in deciding what stays and what goes. It is a wonderful puzzle I am enjoying putting back together.

A few weeks back I found myself back in Perdido Key visiting friends when we decided to go grab a little beach time and catch a Florida sunset. For most of you that know me and have been following my blog you should know by now that I am a huge fan of cloud formations and sunsets filled with interesting clouds. As were enjoying the ever changing sky, we noticed one cloud that took one a very striking appearance. It was something straight out of an alien movie or was a similar likeness to one of out planets. I found it to be mesmerizing!!!


As we walked along the beach and awaited the nightly performance, we began to realize that we were going to be in for a second treat. The clouds were moving fast and changing their appearance as the sun began to set.  I always fill very connected when I am at waters edge at this time of the evening. It is one of the things I enjoyed most while I was living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A friend of mine asked me one time about how many times I could photograph a particular subject and my answer was 24/7 365 days a year. I think I feel very much the same about sunsets. ENJOY!


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Chinese Junk

July 11th, 2016

Hello and a very happy Monday morning to you all! How did July get here so fast?

If you have been following my ”miss-adventures” or more importantly, reading it you know that I recently took a boat ride down the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway from Huntsville to Orange Beach. Along the way I chronicled the trip as my dear friends David Milly and DeAnn Fowler played the modern day Huck Finn. The trip itself was amazing but there were so many other colorful aspects to the trip that it was difficult to photographically depict it all in my weekly blog.

One of those exceptional photo opportunities came about when we stopped over in Demopolis, Alabama and spent an extra day recouping from our waterway vacation. You see the Demopolis Yacht Basin is not only known for being the closest haven for boaters escaping the weather elements of potential hurricanes but it is also known for its maritime boat grave yard. As you meander thought the boat yard you come across small and large boats in all forms of decay from sitting unattended for way too many years. You can only imagine that there has to be some incredible stories that lie within the hull of each boat.

One boat in particular stands out like a moonshiners still in this southern gentleman’s backyard. In between two large yachts is a true to life Chinese Junk, a boat that is right out of the movies and one that you would lose a bet on if you were to wager on the last thing you would run across in this Alabama boat yard. But there it sits, it all of its splendor and decay.


At first I could not believe my eyes and then I thought it had to be a replica but the story is, it is for real. The back-story is that a boater from the area brought it to the shipyard 30 or more years ago and it has sat waiting for the prefect storm and desire to be repaired. Seeing it was one of those moments that was a little larger than life. Spawned by all of my movie memories of seeing those boats gliding through the harbors and sailing on the high seas, I just stood in awe.


You just knew that this boat had a storied history and one that may be filled with exploits of the high seas. It may have been in the movies, maybe a James Bond movie. If only I was a boat whisper that spoke Mandarin, then I would know all of it’s hidden secrets.


As I walked around the boat and took in every visual aspect of it, I was simply amazed at the attention to detail and the craftsmanship shown in every aspect of the boat. The circular boat hatches, the steel rudder and the ancient wooden steering wheel were simply mesmerizing to me. But the one thing I found most amazing was that all of the “lines” on the rigging were still in tact. They were truly an art form by themselves. I am not sure what the total story is in how a boat of this nature finds itself so far away from home but for that moment it time I was transformed to another place.

快乐划船Kuàilè huáchuán ( Happy Boating)


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Lets Get Together

July 5th, 2016

Hello and a very happy day after the 4th of July! It is a most welcomed day when the holiday comes on a Monday and for those that work you get the day off. The holiday provided an extra day to enjoy family and friends and to acknowledge those veterans that have sacrificed so much so that we celebrate the day in their honor.

This past weekend was jammed packed with music, food and fireworks. I’ve had guests in from Florida and we have tried to take in as many sights and sounds as humanly possible. Thursday evening we went to the Biergarten at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Always a crowd enjoying a great time with wonderful German fare and libations! On Friday night we took in the sunset view of the city from Burritt Museum while attending their summer concert series City Lights and Stars; listening to the reggae sounds of the band Kush!! It was a beautiful evening to groove and dance the night away to reggae!


The Burritt Museum City Lights and Stars concert series offers a very unique perspective of the city at sunset in a very friendly and relaxed “picnic in the park” type atmosphere.  Right at sunset the band generally has to compete for attention while patrons head to the cliff to capture the evenings golden splendor. But once the golden hues subside it is all music business with KUSH getting the crowd on their feet and creating a dance floor right in the front of the gazebo. For my friends who had never been to the museum or attended one of the concerts, there were not enough superlatives to describe the evening!!!!!!  As Bob Marley so aptly put it, “ Let’s get together and feel all right!”


As the weekend progressed the holiday celebration continues with more outings with friends. So with all the activities to chose from how does one close out such an exceptional weekend? The easy answer – with it being the 4th of July why not with a spectacular fireworks display and there is no better place to see a fireworks extravaganza then the US Space and Rocket Center. With Americas space history standing tall and poised as a backdrop, the USSRC hosts one of the largest fireworks shows in the south and this year was no exception. All one needs to see is the aftermath of traffic in and around the facility to know that this is one fireworks display that is on everyone’s radar and an event not to be missed.  A fitting ending to an amazing weekend and a spectacular way to honor or nation and our troops!



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2nd Annual Microwave Dave Day

June 27th, 2016

Hello and a happy Monday morning. The HEAT is on!!!!! I think summer has arrived.

Yesterday, I was part of the second annual Microwave Dave Day. I am very proud to say that I was the Chairman for this years’ event and it was an exception day with all the “community” of people that came out to honor this man who has given so much to this city. Who would have thought that one year ago a group of Huntsville music lover’s potential of hosting a day to honor our very own blues icon, Mr. Microwave Dave? Not only did it happen in 201, with Mayor Tommy Battle declaring Microwave Dave Day for the city, but fast-forward to 2016 and here we were hosting the 2nd Annual Microwave Dave Day.


We had an incredible event yesterday with an exceptional group of local musicians and a few hidden surprises along the way. We had the opportunity to honor a local musician and a local educator for their significant contributions to furthering music education in North Alabama. The day was filled with un-believable music with an exceptional line-up of local musicians.  The evening finished with a stirring crescendo from a super group of local musicians and then Microwave Dave and the Nukes taking the stage to finish the evening with their own brand of “Getting NUKED!”


Like last year, it was a task with monumental tasks and responsibilities and a day like yesterday could not be accomplished without all the support of  a very passionate and dedicated committee, the volunteers give their heart and soul, the sponsors that donate so generously to the cause but most importantly the fans that come out to hear the music and contribute to the cause.  As I said in the a post, “I liken the event planning process to giving birth. 9 months of labor, one day of pain and joy, then you wake up the next morning wondering if it all really happened. Well the aches and pains from the day before let you know it was real!!!!!!!!!!!”

After last years event we realized that there was more to the picture than just a concert, something that may be bigger than us all. So we decided to do something and choose a path that would allow us to continue Dave’s passion and vision of fostering music education in the classrooms. So a foundation was formed to assist him with that passion, the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. Proceeds from the Microwave Dave Day will be used to fund the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through music education. In its first year, the foundation has been successful in partnering with area educators to host several well-received installments of its flagship “Concerts in the Classroom” program, an initiative that facilitates musical performances by accomplished local musicians in a classroom environment. To find out more about the foundation and how you can be part of it, check us out at –

As Dave would say, “I am a Road Runner Baby – Beep Beep!”


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