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Sunshine City

May 23rd, 2016

Good Morning from the Sunshine Shine state! I writing you from the Florida highways where I am on a two-week photo safari, the first real extended road trip of 2016.

The two-week excursion began with a two-day stay in Perdido Key visiting with my dear friend and exceptional model, Marina Semenova. Our days our generally spent on catching up, shooting and ending the day eating sushi at our favorite sushi bar, Jellyfish. Jellyfish is so much a favorite that we ate there three nights in a row. Can you say, I love Sushi?

From there it was off to St. Petersburg, FL. where I was doing a commercial photo shoot over the weekend with my good friend and spokes-model, Natalie Shugars, for the Pittsburg Dental Spa and Ms. Elaine Rolison. The spa is looking to develop a new campaign that is lifestyle oriented and the theme was having fun and enjoying life on a travel excursion. I was able to engage an exceptional makeup artist in the area, Ms. Valentina Hiestand and for the two-day shoot as Natalie played the part and looked fabulous with “V’s” makeup. We stayed on St. Pete beach and shot all around the area. Many thanks to Daniel Helou for all of his help and the hook up with an exceptional house on the bay to shoot in, as well as, all of the fabulous recommendations for dining after the shoots. We stayed on the south end of the island and every morning I stood on my balcony and looked at the near famous resort, the Don Cesar. Although the Don does not quite have the notoriety of the Hotel Del, on Coronado Island, it is very well known to travelers on the east coast (west coast of Florida). As you can see with its “Caribbean colors” it kind of stands out on the beach.


On one of the two days shooting we decided to head downtown to shoot in and round the city. St. Pete has taken on an air of a “little south beach” with all of the restaurants with there out door seating and the plethora of marinas that surround the cities bay front. As we hopped around from location to location (what we call guerilla style shooting) we came across a rather large yacht docked on one of the larger private areas. Much to our surprise we were informed that it was the “Tatoosh”, one of Paul Allen’s (the co-founder of Microsoft) super yachts. The Tatoosh is the smaller of his two yachts measuring in at a mere 303 ft. ($160 million) while his new super-yacht, the “Octopus” measures in (45th in the world) at 414 feet for the mere cost of  $250 million. The Tatoosh is for sale at the price of $125 million. Of course we had to turn down the offer to have dinner due to our shooting schedule (can you say – Dream On?)



All and all it has been a great start to the Florida road trip and I am now looking forward to heading over to the east coast and spending time with my dear friend and model, Ms. Lauren Suzanne. Always fun to see hear and get to work together. With a lot of catching up to do it will be hard to fit it all in. A couple of days there and then I head north for the Memorial Day weekend.

The good news while in St. Pete, I was able to spend time with one of college classmates, Marie Izzo where we shared the distinct honor of being photo lab assistants together in the College of Arts and Letters, in the Communication department at the University of South Florida. As always, it was late night dinners in the city enjoying the sights and the sounds of all that the city of St. Petersburg has to offer! Enjoy!!!


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~ dennis keim

Storm Warning

May 16th, 2016

I am beginning to sound like a broken record but what another exceptional weekend we had in North Alabama. It is a broken record I do not mind sounding like!!!!!!!!! Happy Monday morning to you all!!!

Photographically, it has also been a couple of good weeks with a few interesting corporate and editorial shoots. I even ventured back into the wedding arena and shot a small wedding for two very dear friends of mine, Kemberly and Jay. I hate to admit it but it was rather fun. Who knows what the future may hold for stepping back into documenting marital bliss.

I am packing to head to Florida for two weeks so this may be a short blog. Most of my last month was spent watching as I had my town home totally remodel. I must say, compared to my previous experience, this was quite the honeymoon. It looks amazing and I need to say, “Kudos” to Phoenix LLC out of Decatur for an exceptional job!!!!!!! I feel like I have moved into a whole new place!!

I did get to get out one afternoon and chase a cloud filled sky and sunset. It comes as to no surprise to most that have read my blog (you do read my blog, right?) that clouds and sunsets tend to be two of my favorite subjects. No two are ever the same.


I think I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. The clouds moving in over the mountain with the setting sun was just spectacular. Watching the storm move in with the thundershowers off in the distance was simply captivating. We are so very lucky that Mother Nature is an extraordinary artist! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

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~ dennis keim ~

Up In Smoke

May 9th, 2016

Happy May 9th!!! Happy belated Cinco de Mayo and Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderfully beautiful mothers. How could we have so much happiness in one week!?!?!?

The weather was absolutely wonderful this past weekend for the annual Whistle Stop BBQ festival, held at historic Huntsville Depot. How is it that every year Panoply gets the rain and the BBQ gets the sunshine. Maybe we should switch their weekends just to see if the weather holds true for both.

The weekend air was filled with the aromatic aroma of chicken and ribs and all other kinds of meat cooking on the grills from professional and amateur (shade tree) teams. With names like Why ya Grill’n Me Dawg, Boob-B-Que, Smoke Me Silly, Serial Grillers, Hot Coles, Rooters and Tooters and of course the Mayors team – “OOPS”, how could the variety and flavors of the cooked submissions not be as tasty and entertaining.


Competitions amongst teams are as much about the camaraderie and mutual consumption of shared libations as they are about the final product. It may be considered a southern tradition but there is no doubt that all those that cook and compete in BBQ competitions approach it with a spiritual fever, looking to walk away with a call, a place in the top and one of the prized designed trophies. On the other hand, it is also considered a badge of honor to have your submission judged “DAL”, dead ass last!

There was a lot of good local talent scheduled to entertain over the weekend, but for me I was looking forward to the opening night and the headliner, Edwin McCain. Edwin you see is from South Carolina, and from the same area as Darius Rucker, the now famous country music star and former Hootie and the Blowfish.  I was a huge fan of his during his claim to fame years and  have followed him during his ups and downs. He used to play here at Crossroads when he was playing smaller venues. He started off his set with his huge hit, “I’ll Be” only to have it come to a complete halt when they lost total power on the stage. Once restored, he said if it happened again he would grab an acoustic guitar and come down in to the audience and true to his word, when it happened a second time he was off signing to a small but enthusiastic crowd close to the stage.  Luckily the power was restored once again and he was able to finish the evening on stage for all to enjoy!


All and all it was just another exceptional weekend and stellar event hosted by Early Works and the city of Huntsville. And where else, but in the south, could you go to watch a group of adult men and women vying for the grand title of  “Alabama Corn Hole Champion?”  Well pretty much anywhere in the country – just replace “Alabama” with any other state name.

Whistle Stop is one place you do not mind watching and smelling everything go up in “SMOKE!” Enjoy!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

Best Regards …..
~ dennis keim ~

Rain Soaked Art

May 2nd, 2016

Greetings and welcome to the first Monday of May, which as the saying goes, brings May showers. It appears that Mother Nature was fully aware that May was approaching and, as a secondary indictor, that it was the Panoply Arts Festival weekend in Huntsville, AL. There are two things that you can bet on during Panoply weekend that is now hosted by the newly named arts organization “Arts Huntsville!” One is that it will rain and the other is that hometown favorite Blues artist Microwave Dave and the Nukes will be there on the first day to open the festival and the last day to close the festival. It would be hard to remember the festival without either but I do believe it has happened at least once for both. The good news is they both continue to prevail!

Friday started out looking exceptionally good with elementary students from all over the Tennessee Valley getting a day off from school for a field trip to take in the sights and sounds and get the traditional welcome by Microwave Dave and the Nukes. Dave and his band has been an iconic fixture at Panoply and you can see that he relishes the opportunity of introducing the blues to the young fans. But as the day progressed the ominous dark clouds approached with rain and lightning came and the gates for day one never opened. The best I could to do, photographically, was to capture the festival through a rain drenched pain of glass.


Day two opened with the prediction of rain but as the day progressed and with the crowds coming though the gate it appeared that the festival was back on track. It was if Mother Nature said “enough” and decided to alter the threat of rain and have it by-pass the festival. As the afternoon approached and with the weatherman’s prediction for a rain free afternoon and evening held, record crowds began to come out for what was to be a stellar day for Panoply. That was until the Tornado warning sirens went off around 4:00 PM and the crowds were ushered out of the park. The good news was the park was cleared in a very safe and timely manner but the band news the warning was not meant for this area of Madison County. When the warning was cleared and the gates reopened at 6:00 PM, the crowds never returned. It was very unfortunate it turned out to be a beautiful evening with an exceptional line up of music appearing on the three stages. The city and the park came back alive with the wonderful sights and sounds that Panoply is known for. For those that did make it out, it was like having their own very personal concerts in the park surrounded by art and catered with a variety of foods to select from.


With the ever-present prediction of rain for most of the weekend, it was unfortunate for Arts Huntsville because, overall, it was a wonderful weekend of Music, Arts and Community. Panoply, in spite of the rains, continues to be a regional showcase of talent with this year’s musicians and artists once again accentuating the extent and depth of talent residing in and around this area.

Unfortunately, the weatherman’s prediction of rain caught up with the festival and even though it had only a slight moment of rain on the final day, the weekend prediction became a mind set for those wanting to attend and most likely altered their plans for attending on Sunday. And true to the Festival, Microwave Dave and the Nukes played as if there was a crowd of thousands as the festival came to is close. In spite of the prediction of rain, the event and the weekend turned out to be an exceptional photographic opportunity for me. Many thanks to the staff at the PNC, the VBCC and the Embassy Suites for their gracious hospitality and assistance for the wonderful vantage points to capture some exceptional Panoply weekend views.

As they say, this ones for you! ENJOY!!!!!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic assignments. If you were unaware, all of the art showcased in my blogs, as well as, on my web sites is available for publication or for purchase as corporate and residential collectible art.

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Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls

April 25th, 2016

A very happy Monday morning to you. What an absolutely picture perfect weekend it was. I spent most of my weekend in Marshall County enjoying a bonfire on a friend’s property over looking Honeycomb, taking in the sites and a little time with friends on the lake.

You possibly have driven by it a hundred times and not even known it was just around the corner. Natural Bridge and Ghost Creek Falls was named one of Marshall County’s Seven Wonders in 2007. Just a few minutes from Huntsville, the property sits on the very first sharp curve of Cottenvile Road at Mile Marker 308 across from Sunrise Marina on Hwy 431. Before it was taken over by James and Carol Meekins and became a point of destination, you almost had to get lost to find it. Most boaters know the area because it is near the first body of water you came to, Honeycomb Campground.

Yesterday, the Land Trust of North Alabama hosted an outing at the property and I felt very fortunate to have bee invited to attend. I had spent the night before on top of the mountain attending the “second annual burning of the wood bonfire” on my friends Kathy and Phil Sowders bluff property that over looks Honeycomb. I should have just brought a sleeping bag.


Like many, I pass by the Natural Bridge property on a pretty regular basis but had never stopped to take in the full experience. The property has been privately owned by the Meekins since 1997 but there dream has always been for it to be appreciated by everyone and the grounds are open to the public. The Meekins have spent the past nineteen years landscaping the property to compliment the natural beauty of the Bridge and have planted more than 1,000 native and cultivated azaleas and rhododendrons. It had been suggested that Ms. Meekins should be a “master gardener” not by education but rather more by her labor of love.


The Natural bridge spans over 25 feet and is the product of thousands of years of acidic rain water erosion of the bedrock of a previous cave or rock unit known as karst. The bridge is located on over 30 acres and includes the aptly titled Ghost Creek Falls. The creek is named for its “ghostly effect” of appearing and disappearing in and out of the hill as it meanders down the side of the rocky cliff directly to the right of the bridge. No matter what your outdoor pleasure may be the Natural Bridge has something for everyone – photographer, gardener, cave enthusiast or hiker.

A short drive from Huntsville, it is a must see destination for this area and the public is welcome. Stop by and say hello to Carol and tell her the “Land Trust” sent you. I think she even “leaves the light on!”



All images of that appear in my blogs, are available for Stock Licensing and Corporate wall art.  Contact us for details. As always, keep us in mind for any upcoming photographic assignments

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