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Getting Nuked

June 29th, 2015

What an absolutely amazing day Sunday turned out to be with exceptional   weather and a second great weekend for music in the city. If you were not part of the Microwave Dave Day celebration, you just might have missed one of the most incredible collections of local musicians ever assembled. Mayor Tommy Battle officially kicked off the day by presenting Dave Gallaher the key to the city

I looked the term up in the dictionary “Getting Nuked”: and I found to explanation so I made my own up: “A musical love fest where multiple generations of age and color come together for a common cause – their love for music and their love for the man that spreads that “gospel” – Microwave Dave Gallaher. You could not look around the gathering and not see the smiles on everyone face and feel the love that was shared though out the crowd. It was an amazing event put on by committee of 12 that had never organized anything together as a group. At the end of the day, you would have thought that for all in all, the committee was a well-oiled group. It would take a full page to thank everyone for their support and generosity that made this local event and event that will be talked about as one for the musical record books of historic local music proportions.


The crowd that passed through the gate at the AM Booth Lumberyard was estimated to be well over 1200 people. Luckily they were not there all at the same time. The kid friendly event had friends and family coming and going through out the day. It was a sea of smiling faces as friends reunited and music fans danced to the amazing sounds coming from he star studded local musicians that appeared on stage. It would be difficult to say what the musical highlight of the day was due the fact that every session was a “WOW” moment!!! It was truly a “whose who” of Huntsville’s best all hand picked by Dave, Amy McCarley and Evan Billiter.


The event started with Mayor Tommy Battle and the first lady Mrs. Eula Battle on stage presenting the Key to the City to Dave to signify the official proclamation of Microwave Dave Day. And from there it just got better and better and better. One of the highlights of the evening was a star studded jam including Dave Anderson, Chris Simmons, Hugh Messenger, Rick Godfrey, James Alan Irvin, Jim Cavender and the man himself – Microwave Dave. Just when you were just about to say “No Mas”, the nukes took the stage and history was going down in the record books. Dave even use the key to the city that showed just how talented he really is. You can see a little of that by going to YOU tube shot by the city’s videographer Mr. Blake Hudson. At the end of the evening I really believe that for all those in attendance it was a magical day of incredible music and exceptional companionship!!!! All in the name of the man most call friend – Mr. Dave Gallaher whom I have had the honor and privilege to know for more years than I would like to admit to.

May thanks to the committee, our sponsors and donors, our volunteers, Huntsville’s Mayor Mr. Tommy Battle, Ms. Kelly Cooper Schrimsher, Lt. Rice and the cool gang from the Huntsville Police Department, the staff at the Lumberyard, all of the musicians but most importantly thanks to all that came out to support Microwave Dave and his vision for the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. Yes, the mission does not stop with this concert but the dream continues with the desire to find a way to support music education to the young as well as the young at heart. For more information on the Foundation, how YOU can get involved and the future of Microwave Day Dave 2016 you can go to our web site –

“It’s only Rock and Roll but I Like it!” Beause I am a “Road Runner BaaaaBeeeee!” ENJOY!!!


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Old Time Rock and Roll

June 22nd, 2015

What an absolutely amazing weekend we had weather wise. Of course I did not get to enjoy much of it because of my involvement with the Land Trusts’ “Muscle Shoals Revue” (MSR) concert at the historic Three Caves. It was by all accounts for all that attended, an exceptional evening!

Saturday evening history was made when 18 of the most storied and celebrated Muscle Shoals musicians, including a few of the original Swampers, came together for a trip down Alabama’s music history memory lane. It was a who’s who of Muscle Shoals talent and a hit parade of music that just kept on coming. It appears that is may just have been the most successful and attended event to date for the caves concerts.


You know it is going to be great evening when the artists start by talking about how exceptional and magical the event venue is. As the sunlight dimmed and the attendees got taken down memory lane it was hard for them to stay in their seats. Dancing in the aisles became a common and much needed therapy for the music blues. It would be extremely difficult to list all the players or all the songs … there were oh so many great artists and oh so many hits sang. I will venture to list a few just to wet your pallet:

“Old Time Rock and Roll”
“I’m Your Puppet”
“Brown Sugar”
“Respect Yourself”
“Dr. Feelgood”
“When a Man Love a Woman”

And the hits kept on coming. I believe two of the crowd favorites were “Memphis Woman and Fried Chicken” and R-E-S-P-E-C-T which was song by our very own Carla Russell who is the lead singer for Cosmic Mama. I believe that she might have just stolen the show. The evening was closed out with “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”. All of the songs may be not be well known by the current “Generation Z” but they all huge hits that came out of the Muscle Shoals sound. All and all is was one exceptional evening of music madness and I think everyone, including the musicians, left with a huge smile on their face and I think a lot of …. “Satisfaction!”


Many thanks to First Bank and to the “Bottle” (including the VIP Bag ladies) for all of their support for the making the VIP Experience such a huge part of the success of the event. Thanks to David Milly for having the MSR vision.

On one other note before I close – On June 28th the “Microwave Dave Day” concert, announcing the establishment of the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation will take place at the Lumberyard in downtown Huntsville.

For additional information, you can got to the website or go to the groups Facebook page

It may be “Only Rock and Roll but I like it”! Enjoy!!!


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Magic Reimagined

June 15th, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you. My flight was cancelled Sunday evening due to bad weather so most likely you will be reading this as I fly home today.

After a week long adventure teaching at a photographic workshop in Pittsfield, IL and dodging deer at night, I headed to St. Louis for fours days of shooting and touring. St. Louis has become one of my favorite towns to visit because of the number of good friends I have there, as well as, all of the very cool things to see and do.

My tour guides for the St. Louis excursion were my dear friends, Mike and Trina Green. Mike is an instructor with me at the Supershoots workshops. They had set up an itinerary of a couple of “not to miss” things to see and one of those was the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. As only my mind could imagine, I was thinking I was about to experience a large quantity of Chinese lit lanterns floating throughout the gardens. As we entered the grounds I realized that I was totally unprepared what I was about to witness. As described by the brochure, “The 2015 Lantern Festival features unique installations with environmental, historic and plant-based themes.” And unique they were, coming in all shapes and sizes depicting many aspects of the Chinese cultural. I have picked out 3 of the 22 displays to feature. The Chinese Garden display was absolutely mesmerizing with it’s color and pageantry. ENJOY!

Double Ninth FestivalHeld on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month. It is a day for people to eat chongyang cake, drink chrysanthemum wine, climb mountains, and pay homage to chrysanthemums.


Construction of the Great Wall – The legend of Meng Jiangnu has many variations. The most common version tells the tale of a woman, LadyMeng Jiang, whose husband is forced into service to assist with building the Great Wall but never returns home. When she hears nothing, she goes to the Great Wall only to hear of her husbands passing and in despair throws herself into the sea.


Soaring Dragon Horse“The longma or dragon horse is the vital spirit of Heaven and Earth. It has a horse’s body with dragon scales. It symbolizes abundance and prosperity.”


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Hood Ornaments

June 8th, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you. I hope you were able to make the most out of this past weekend.

I am currently in Pittsfield, IL instructing at a photographic workshop. Pittsfield is widely known for it’s hunting because of its massive deer population and elk. It is always an enjoyable time getting knee deep in the country and have an opportunity to take in some Mid-western fresh air. For the past few years we have stayed at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge.

To get there, I flew in to Chicago and met up with a very dear friend and road-tripping aficionado, Jeff Wahl. It has taken a little time to convert him from the A-B goggle trip photographer to learn to enjoy maybe more like A-C-E-D-B kind of trip if you know what I mean. Sometimes you just have to stop and photograph the roses. As we drove west on I-55, we got caught up in conversation and ignoring most opportunities to pull over to shoot. As time passed we came across Country Classic Car, an antique car dealer, just off the path of the historic Route 66. We had no choice but to pull over and take in the sights.


It was car heaven! They had almost every classic car imaginable like Model A’s, Model T’s, Hudson’s, Edsel Corsair’s, Cadillac’s and a slew of muscle cars like Barracuda’s, GTO’s and Camaro’s. It was a car collectors dream come true. Acres and acres of these classic cars and all we had was time on our hands to enjoy. We were coming in to Pittsfield a day early it was the prefect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride. No place to be and no time to be there.


As we walked the grounds and took in the classic sights it was the signature hood ornaments that caught my eye. Each and every ornament is a piece of art just begging to be studied and photographed and that was what I intended to do. The iconic ornaments that have become, a lost art with the auto industry, enthralled me with their detail and personality.


It was not until Jeff inquired about our location and the current time that we realized we had actually gone a little past our turn off point, 56 miles to be exact. You see as were leisurely passing down the highway, we became oblivious to the road signs and the GPS was turned off. I guess that is what great conversation and friendship is all about. So without much concern we returned to the business at hand, at once finished, got back on our journey seeking out our destination in Pittsfield. It was for one night at the “Green Acres Motel.”

That’s what good road tripping is all about – good times, good places and good friends. Many thanks to my dear friend Jeff for this current journey and allowing me to be his wingman. ENJOY!


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I’m A Roadrunner Baby

June 1st, 2015

In spite of the weather predictions, I think the weekend turned out to be a pretty good couple of days to enjoy many of the activities that were scheduled throughout the city. I ended up at a few of the musical offerings including the Cigar Box Guitar Festival at Lowe Mill and the jazz concert at Three Caves. I kicked the weekend off a little early Thursday evening by catching a set of the songbird Ingrid Marie Felts and then heading over to see Col. Bruce Hampton at the Furniture Factory. Overall it was not a bad weekend, a little rain never hurt anyone. It was all music to my ears.

My weekly blog usually showcases my photography with a little narrative about something that I did the previous week. I’ve decided to do something a little different this week and hope you will indulge me. I am involved in two major music events that are going to take place in June and I would like to offer up a shameless plug for both of them.

On June 20th the Muscle Shoals Revue featuring the legendary Swampers is coming to the Land Trust Three Caves concert venue. The Land Trust is kicking off the activities by hosting a movie night showing the “Muscle Shoals Documentary” at Humphreys Bar and Grill this Thursday, June 4th at 7:00 PM on the patio. The movie event is FREE to the public and everyone is invited. The blues ambassador, Microwave Dave and the Nukes will be playing their legendary blues during the evening. For additional information for both events please go to –!2015-concerts-at-three-caves/c16r3


The second event takes place on June 28th and is very near and dear to my heart. Mayor Tommy Battle recently, by proclamation, decreed June 28, 2015 as “Microwave Dave Day”, announcing the establishment of the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. A committee of ardent supporters has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to organize a day of music and celebration to Mr. Microwave and it will take place at the AM Booths Lumberyard beginning at 3pm (108 Cleveland St., Huntsville, AL). The day is set to feature many notable local musicians and will top the evening off with Microwave Dave and the Nukes.

For additional information, you can email or go to the groups Facebook page and sign up to join in on the festivities

Microwave Dave_poster_WEB4
Poster Graphic by Karen Hostetter Kilpatrick

I have known Dave for more years than I care to admit and have had the pleasure of shooting most of his formal promotional photographs. Every now and then I even get out to hear some BLUES! In recent years we have taken on the role of lunch buddies whenever our schedules permit, sharing tales of our professions and discussing the pros and cons of technology. At one of the recent meals we just decided to do our best at not becoming dinosaurs and continuing to move forward, “just a little slower than we just to”. It goes without saying that Dave Gallaher is an icon for the city and his proclamation is extremely well deserved. I hope he will still consider me a friend after all of the notoriety we are subjecting him to.

Well done my friend, Mr. Roadrunner, WELL DONE!


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