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Snow Daze

February 1st, 2016

A very good Monday morning to you! Only in Alabama could you experience one week where you are looking at lows in the teens with snow on the ground and the following week have spring like temperatures in the 70’s. Next week we might just be breaking out the bathing suits or the arctic coats.

During our brief experience with the Alabama snow storm, I took the opportunity to not only get out on some country roads but I also took one day and drove around the city streets looking for “city slicker” snow. Most everywhere I went the snow had begun to melt except for a few places out in Cummings Research Park. One location where the snow seemed to be holding on was the Adtran campus. With baron trees standing as a protective guard, a blanket of snow provided the perfect compliment to the statuesque glass and brick façade of the Adtran building.


While spending most of the day chasing melting snow it became very apparent that it was just not going to be on the ground for long. Mother Nature may have not listened to the weather mans prediction for an overcast day because the day was blanketed with the warmth of the suns shining rays. As day began to slowly turn to night I realized that I was possibly the one sole survivor of the “winter storm” stupid enough to still be outside trying to capture one last photograph. With the sun setting I ended up across the pond from Intergraph’s new corporate structure located in Jetplex Industrial Park. I soon realized that my willingness to brave the elements was to be rewarded with the appearance of a full moon. What an exceptional reward it was slowly rising out of the east as the building began to come to life reflecting it’s multi color rays across the water. For me it may just have been the perfect ending to a perfectly good southern snow. ENJOY!!!!!


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It Look Like Snow

January 25th, 2016

A very good and chilled Monday morning to you! I think the weatherman finally got one right with their weather prediction on the arrival time and amount of snow of our first winter storm. It wasn’t a huge snow nor did we get the ice on the roads we normally get but it was our first snow of 2016. I know that the grocery stores were very appreciative.

Growing up in Florida, snow was something I just did not encounter. Shorts, sandals and suntan lotion were my clothing mode of choice during the winter months. Watching everyone during winter having fun making snowmen, sledding and having snowball fights just made me jealous. Moving to Alabama changed all of that. When it did snow it brought the inner child out in me and I must admit that after all of these years, nothing has changed. I find myself, no matter the temperature or amount of snow, needing to get out and capture the beauty of the moment!

As the snowflakes began to fall Thursday I grabbed all my gear, wrapped myself up and headed downtown. As I walked around the streets the snowflakes were large, wet and the wind was swift and bitter. The streets were mostly vacant and with little snow accumulation, I decided to head to a destination I have photographed many times before, Maple Hill Cemetery.


I am not quite sure why there is such an attraction, but I do know that the cemetery takes on a totally different persona and personality for me when the headstones are covered in a blanket of snow.  The initial blanket of snow was just enough to alter the look of the cemetery and the headstones. I find it to be very pacifying and there is a visual serenity that whispers a desire to be captured in all of its snow-covered splendor. As the light slowly drifted into darkness, I left with a feeling that I had captured a moment that would not be with us for long.


With one day behind me and another day of promise I got up early and decided to head north to southern Tennessee, stopping along the way at a few spots that I felt might make for interesting photographs. As I traveled I-65 I decided to jump off the interstate and take a rural back-road to see what I might encounter. You just never know what you are going to come across and I must admit there were moments driving the snow covered road and going up and down the hills that I was second-guessing my road trippn decision. Had it not been for one set of fresh tire tracks, I would have most likely given additional consideration to my very questionable adventurous decision.  As luck would have it my prize was just on the other “side of the mountain.” I came across a series of abandon houses and old barns left for Mother Nature and time to take its’ toll. They were the type of scenes that made the day’s photographic journey worth all the anxiety of potentially ending up in a ditch. With the light, once again, beginning to fade in the west I decided it was time to collect my visual bounty and begin the journey home. After being out in the cold all day, I knew that a warm fire and a stout libation were calling my name. I headed south with the feeling that this was most likely not the last snow I would see this year. ENJOY!!!!


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Country Royalty

January 18th, 2016

It is the third week in January and it appears that Mother Nature has decided to bring in the big chill. I hope you have bundled up appropriately and that you have a warm cup of coffee close by.

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph country royalty, Mr. Ronnie Milsap, while attending his concert at the VBC. His music biography reads something like; 6 time Grammy award winner, 3 time CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, 4 time CMA Album of the year and a record number 40 #1 hits with over 35 million albums sold. Ronnie was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2014. His hit list reads like a country music dictionary and includes such songs as, “Any Day Now”, “Stranger in My House”, “I Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World” and “No Getting’ Over Me.”


During his day, Ronnie was quite the “rock star” and given the enthusiasm of all of his admiring fans that were in attendance, I would venture to say he has not lost much of that edge. I had the opportunity to meet Ronnie backstage and photograph his meet and greet. You got the sense that those that were in line had a long-standing love affair for the man and his music. His show started out with a medley of his most famous songs and for the rest of the evening played out many of his number one songs. You could feel the love as the audience screamed out requests for their favorites and sang along as Ronnie did his best to satisfy their musical desires.


As much as I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Mr. Milsap, the real reason for my attendence that evening was to support a very dear friend and local musician, Ms Amy McCarley. Amy, along with her band, had been asked to have the honor of opening the show for Ronnie. Amy is a home grown talent that is beginning to see huge success around the country with her very unique style of americana music. I was elated to have been asked to capture the evening for her and I do not believe anyone in attendence walked away without a new appreciation for the lovely lady that is fast becoming a “star on the rise!” Amy’s band includes Chris Simmons on lead guitar, Micheal Kilpatick on drums and Matt Ross on stand up bass. You might say it is an all-star lineup. I would like to think that the best moment of the evening for Amy, was when the legnedary Mr Milsap gave her a shout out during his set, asking the audience to show her a little more love for her opening the show and expressing his “appreciation” for her musical talent. High praise for this very gifted local lady we get to enjoy on a regular basis locally. You can find out more about Amy at:


I am looking forward to new adventures in 2016 and wish you much success. Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising and Editorial.

Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~

Good Times

January 11th, 2016

It seems like only yesterday that it was 2015. Where did it all go?  Well it is now on to 2016 and I wish you the very best in the coming months!!!

If you are like me, you have taken pause to reflect back on all that you did and accomplished in 2015 and are now giving thought to what is in store for you in 2016. I was fortunate to put my “feet in the sand” in quite a few locations last year, as well as capture, what I saw during my travels. It’s not such a bad ”job” if you think about it.  The last stop on my 2015 “Miss-Adventures” was California and the island of Coronado. The island has so much to offer and for anyone with a photographic inclination, it offers magical moments around every corner.  You can spend all day power shopping if you chose to do so or sit back, relax and take in the view. One of the most majestic views is the Coronado Islands that sit due south of Coronado and due west of Mexico. On a clear day, you can see forever!


“The Coronado Islands (Islas Coronados) are a group of four islands off the northwest coast off the Mexican state of Baja California and are part of the municipality of Tijuana. The islands, which lie between 15 and 19 miles south of the entrance to San Diego bay, are only 8 miles from the Mexican mainland.”

As I was leaving San Diego after the holidays, I had the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the city from a very unique vantage point, the window seat of my Southwest flight. The view with scattered clouds includes the panhandle of Point Loma, San Diego Harbor and Naval Base Coronado. I can honestly say that given the number of times I have flown in and out of the city, the view was a first for me. Hopefully it is good omen for the start of a new year and for things to come.  ENJOY!!!


I would be somewhat remise if I did not mention that the biggest game of the year is being played tonight in a city that I visited over the Christmas holiday, Phoenix, AZ. The Univeristy of Alabama (Roll Tide) takes on the ACC Champion and undefeated Clemson Tigers in the CFP National Championship Game. I am looking forward to seeing the CFP Throphy being brought back home to Sweet Home Alabama – Roll Tide!!!

Many thanks to the beautiful Stephanie Clark-Cornelius for helping cheer us on to Victory – Roll Tide Roll!!!!


I am looking forward to new adventures in 2016 and wish you much success. Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising and Editorial.

Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~

California Dreaming

January 4th, 2016

Happy New Year to you, 2016 has officially arrived. I found myself once again ringing in the New Year in southern California after visiting my sister and her family in Phoenix for Christmas. The trek to San Diego has become a yearly holiday tradition since my first west coast outing in 2000.

I spent the majority of my time with my dear friends, Renee and Dana Cavanaugh, on Coronado Island watching College football and doing all we could to ring in the New Year. I even made my world famous sausage balls and “wieners in a blanket” to continue a southern football tradition out on the west coast. I was extremely elated with the outcome of the Alabama – Michigan State playoff game. Now it is on to the Championship game with Clemson. I plan to watch that game in Sweet Home Alabama. Roll Tide!

One of the more majestic views that I’ve seen while driving around,

Is the view looking back over the bay to San Diego from the top of the Coronado Bridge. At the west end of the bridge, a collection of sailboats are moored in the harbor with the skyline of the city in the background. I have been wanting to capture the image since my very first visit and was finally able to talk Renee into driving in the right hand lane and slow down enough for me to lean out the window and capture the view. Given her fear of driving in that lane over the bridge I must say her “white knuckle” trip was very much appreciated and well worth it for me.


When talking about Coronado, there possibly is no greater treasure then the “HOTEL DEL” and no greater establishment to visit during the holidays. My best friend, Tom Pfingsten from my school days in Tampa and his wife Nancy choose to come over and join us for lunch at one of the restaurants and then go over to the Hotel Del. As you walk the grounds, you have the rare opportunity to view the magnificent holiday decorations, as well as, take in the rich history of a national treasure. We spent New Years day touring the grounds and as we were leaving came across a pack of Packard’s parked in the VIP parking area. Most likely an automobile club outing, it was quite simply an amazing collection of American Automobile history and worthy of a photo or two.


It is always a pleasure to visit the west coast around the holidays and an even greater pleasure to spend time with very dear friends. Visiting with Tom and Nancy and Dana and Rene has become a “holiday family tradition” for me. It is a tradition, as I have grown in age, that I value and look forward to each and every year. The time we share and their exceptional hospitality is something that is greatly appreciated and something that I dearly love. I am already looking forward to next year. Like a California setting sun, it is something that I will never get enough of. ENJOY!!!!!


I am looking forward to new adventures in 2016 and wish you much success. Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising and Editorial.

Best Regards …..
Happy New Year!!!!
~ dennis keim ~