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Ships of Columbus

October 17th, 2016

Hello and a happy Monday morning to you all. What an exceptionally wonderful weekend I had getting to capture the marital bliss of two of my dear friends, Ginger Sharp and Joshua Smith who tied the knot at the Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill, TN. It was a glorious day spent with family and friends and was the perfect joining of two beautiful individuals. After shooting three weddings this year, I think I am getting the hang of it!

And just when you thought that you were over reading about boating, rivers and locks and dams one more blog appears. Last week I had the opportunity to track down the Pinta and Nina, historical replicas of two of the ships of Christopher Columbus, as they left Ditto Landing in Huntsville, Al and headed up the Tennessee River to their next port of call in Guntersville, AL. I drove over to the Guntersville Dam and waited for the ships to arrive. It was a magical site as the ships came around the bend and into view. For a brief moment is was like stepping back in time until the future met the past when a motor yacht approached the vessels to take a few photographs up close and personal.


Of the two “caravel style” ships, the Nina is known as the most historically accurate replica of a Columbus ship ever built and the Pinta is a newer ship built to accompany the Nina. Both are considered floating museums. Construction of the Nina began in 1988 and it first set sail in 1991 from Valenca, Brazil while the Pinta was built and set sail in 2005.


It is truly amazing that Columbus and many others sailed ships like these over vast oceans and from continent to continent during those very early years of exploration. The Nina was known for being Columbus’s favorite ship, logging in over 25,000 nautical miles on 4 voyages over 12 years under his service and command. “In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”

It is a true spectacle watching the two ships glide along in harmony. One can only imagine what it would have been like to have sailed across the oceans during those years and the anticipation one might have had not knowing what they were to encounter. What would Columbus have thought as he and his crew encountered their first lock and dam during his explorations  – if there were time machines? Enjoy!!!!!


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Port of Mobile

October 10th, 2016

Hello and a happy Monday morning to you all. How extremely wonderful is this weather?

For anyone that have been paying attention, in June I traveled down the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway with my dear friends, David Milly and his then finance, now wife DeAnn Fowler, on a boating “Miss-Adventures”. For 8 days we traveled south taking in the sights and sounds of waterway and I have previously blogged about many portions of that trip. The trip down the Tenn.-Tom showcased a true cross section of Americana of life and industry.

As we left Bobby’s Fish Camp on our last full day and headed south to Mobile, we bid farewell to the southern Americana we were so graciously treated to from the banks of the Tenn.-Tom. Floating into the Port of Mobile would offer our initial introduction back into industrial civilization and the realization that our trip was coming to an end.

The Port of Mobile is currently rated as the 9th largest port by tonnage in the U.S. with more then 23 million tons of materials shipped out of Mobile. It is a very impressive site as you enter into the port by water and greeted by the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge cable-stayed bridge with Mobile as a backdrop. You realize that you are no longer in the backwaters of urban USA as you prepare yourself to enter into the mouth of the shipping industry surrounded by huge freighters.


The Port of Mobile is an extremely active shipping and ship building port and you realize that you are no longer a big fish but rather a “run about” when you pass by the freighters docked at the piers. Even the tugboats dwarfed our 43-foot vessel. As we passed through the port it was very impressive to see the city from this perspective: from the water and not from the streets and highways. It is truly a different world.


Maybe the most awe-inspiring aspect through the Port of Mobile was the Austal USA shipbuilding shipyard that is currently producing a next generation Navy vessel. The two classes of vessels are the Independence class of Littoral Combat Ship and the Spearhead class Joint High Speed Vessel for transport. Sets of both vessels were very visible in the port but the combat ships were prominently featured in front of the facility. These vessels will be the next generation of high speed and heavily armored Navy frigates with increased firepower.


As we motored though the Port of Mobile with all the huge freighters and then cruised into the gulf, I realized what we had experienced for the last seven days was a real breathe of fresh air and a step back in time. Basically I felt like I received seven day’s of mental therapy.

Mother Nature has a way of painting a final crescendo, putting the finishing touches on our trip. It was a glorious ending watching the sunset in Fairhope as we celebrated our trip at the Sunset Grill in the marina.

So with this blog I bid a fond farewell to our exploits on the Tennessee Tombigbee. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Gulf Coast’s Finest

October 3rd, 2016

A very good Monday morning to you from the Rocket City! I rolled back into town late yesterday from a trip to the Tampa Bay area sharing time with high school and college classmates. I love the Tampa – St. Petersburg area and enjoy the fact that I have been able to maintain some of my child hood connections.

Once I left the bay area I stopped in Perdido Key and spent a few days with my good friend, model extraordinaire and sushi aficionado, Ms. Marina Semenova. Marina and I became friends when she first started modeling and the friendship has continued to grow over the years.  We have a mutual love for photography, the beach and sunsets and dare I say, an affinity for sushi. There is no one more hard-core then me and she definitely gives me a run for my money. I think we could eat it every night of the week and sometimes it comes close! The only thing that we do that rivals our sushi experience is the time we spend on the beaches shooting fashion and editorial images for both of our portfolios. The three days we spent together on this trip proved to be magical.


When we weren’t photographing or eating sushi we spent our time visiting a few of my favorite places in the area. There is no place better known then Joe Patti, the superstore seafood market in downtown Pensacola that could be designated as the Home Depot of seafood. I love going in to the store and browsing all of the fresh choices it offers. My favorites are the tuna and the royal red shrimp all though everything in the iced cases looks incredible. The only thing more iconic then the fresh seafood they offer is the signature neon Joe Patti sign that features a larger then life red snapper and shrimp and is backed-up by a huge American flag. As luck would have it we were in town just as the sun was setting on a fabulous evening.


Just behind Joe Patti’s is a fleet of fishing trawlers, where Marina and I have more than once taken advantage of using them as a backdrop for our fashion shoots. Seeing the trawlers, emotionally takes me back to my days in the Outer Banks and how much I was smitten by the beauty and majestic nature of the fishing vessels on the island. The photographs that I captured during my time on the island are still very much a part of me and are some of my most cherished images and memories of the community that lives and works there. The abstract reflections that magically appear while the water is still I find mesmerizing and it was while I was in OBX that I began capturing these images.  I continue to see and want to capture those images when I close to these lovely ladies. Enjoy!!!!!!


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Those Were the Days

September 26th, 2016

Good Morning from the Sunshine Shine state! I writing you from the sun coast where I just attended my 45th High School Reunion, Leto High School Class of 71.

There is the old saying that, “If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken much better care of my body!”  I have had the pleasure of being able to keep in touch with some of my closest friends through out the years but I I look at each and every reunion as the icing on the cake. It is truly heart warming coming together and renewing friendships from classmates that you shared 4 years of youthful experiences with that you do not get to see very often. As the years go by and we get older I think you begin to value those experiences much more no matter how much or how little you can remember correctly. This year seemed to be even more special for those attending and we all appeared to have had an extremely fun time reliving the days of high school. Most discussions were centered around  catching up on our successes and failures since roaming the halls of Leto High School but many reverted back to the days of our youth. It was very emotional recognizing our classmates that have passed away but truly heartfelt spending time with those that made the effort to be there to share our glory days. Like most reunions there were some of us that maybe enjoyed it a little too much and like all other reunions it was over in a blink of an eye.

From there it was off to St. Petersburg, FL. to spend time with a few of my college schoolmates. Like I said previously, as I have gotten older I have become much more aware as to how important maintaining these friendships are and I try to say hello every time I come to the area. It also goes without saying that I have acquired a new affinity for St. Pete and enjoy the time I get to spend here catching up and photographing the beautiful surroundings. I love heading south on the interstate and going to out to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I generally find a slew of windsurfers and kite boarders with their very colorful sails out on the water but today was a somewhat windless day and I was just left with capturing the majestic beauty of this iconic architectural structure.


Once accomplished I headed back to the city to spend the afternoon capturing the essence of this once very sleepy town now turned into a thriving entertainment and business community. When I was growing up, St. Petersburg was known as the retirement capital of Florida but in its current state it is anything and everything but that. I liken it to becoming a “mini South Beach.”

While photographing in one of the harbors, the very large Sir Winston motor cruise yacht was finding its way in through the plethora of smaller vessels. It was like a semi tractor-trailer maneuvering in and around a Walmart parking lot. The vessel is a 128 feet dinner cruise yacht that boasts over 16,000 square feet of living and entertainment space and can accommodate up to 370 passengers. I can only assume it was coming in to dock for another excursion of fine food, libations and a sunset cruise. I was amazed to learn that the yacht is up for sale for a mere $3,900.000.00. Now if I can only find 369 of my closest friends to invest.

Happy Monday to you all ….. Enjoy!!!!!!


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Moon Dancing the Night Away

September 19th, 2016

A very happy Monday morning to you as the rain showers just keep on coming. I want the weatherman’s job, no matter the how wrong they are off with their predictions they still get paid. Where else can that happen?

The Land Trust of North Alabama hosted its 17th Annual Moon Over Three Caves event at Historic Three Caves Saturday evening. After 16 years, they have perfected this evening to a fine tuned party machine with the bowl of the caves being transformed into a huge outdoor banquet hall filled with great music and great food. Many in attendance have been more times then they can remember and with the local crowd favorite Kozmic Mama returning to rock the night it was another slam-dunk. How could you go wrong with Chef Chris McDonald and Washington Square preparing dinner for the expected 700 plus. The only thing standing in the way of a memorable evening was the not so good on and off weather forecast.


The weekend started with a 10% rain shower prediction on Friday that progressed into a 70% chance over night only for us to get all 100% of that 70% Saturday morning. The great news is, as the day progressed the weather forecast brighten, the skies cleared and the sun finally peeked through the clouds. So for the 700 individuals that were looking forward to the evening, the gates were opened and the party began. Moon over Three Caves is the Land Trust of North Alabama’s premier fundraiser held at its most premier property, Historic Three Caves. The evening offers great food, great music, an exceptional silent auction and a signature libation to toast the night away called Moon Beam. Of course the most important part is the sheer fun everyone has while seeing old friends and enjoying the evening.


There is nothing like dancing the night away under the stars and there is no better band to do it with then Ms. Carla Russell and Kozmic Mama. The band is legendary in the local music scene and they have been a staple for past Cave events. Once the music started it was hard to find an empty spot on the dance floor. It was truly a monumental evening for all those attending and another successful fund raiser for the Land Trust. I had “volunteered” to be the co-chair along side of this year’s chairman, Ms. Sally Warden and what an honor it is to be part of this evening working along side the incredible staff and volunteers that put this event together.

Its never too early to start planning for next years event … Tables await you!!!! Until then, you may want to consider becoming a member –



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