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October 5th, 2015

Saluti!! Buongiorno a te! Questa settimana ho continuare il mio diario del mio viaggio italiano e la seconda tappa del viaggio , Firenze, Italia .
(Good morning to you! This week I continue my journal about my Italian journey and the second stop on the trip, Florence, Italy.)

“Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and is the most populous city with over 380,000 residents expanding to over 1,520,000 in the metropolitan area. Famous for it’s history: Florence was the center of medieval European trade and one of the wealthiest cities of its time. It is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. The city is known for its culture, art and architecture and is ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

Round two of the Italian journey began with a train ride with my friends David and Kelly on the Eurail from Rome to Florence. The train travels at speeds in excess of over 200 km/h. Once we arrived into the city and settled in, it did not take long to realize we were in for an incredible treat. The city is everything it claims to be with its historical museums, palaces and churches housing some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. Arguably, the most spectacular view of the city can be found from the Piazzale Michelangelo, high above the city.


The plaza, designed in 1869 by Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi, offers a panoramic view of Florence which includes historical icons such as the Ponte Vecchio, the Cathedral Duomo, the Florence Baptistery and the Plazzo Vecchio.  The plaza, itself, includes a monument dedicated to Michelangelo that displays copies of David and Medici chapel sculptures. There are three David’s in the city, the original is housed in the Galleria dell Accademia, one at the Piazzale Michelangelo and the third is in the Spanish Chapel. It seems that there was no form of copyright during those days.


What I found most intriguing about the city was how easy it was to walk and how comfortable you felt in doing so. With each step there was an anticipation of what photographic opportunity might be in store around each and every turn in this very historical and picturesque city. Until you found your way around it was easy to get lost but the one thing you could always count on to right the ship, was find the river. With the four bridges as markers, it was easy to reset your compass.

The streets were small and packed with bicycles, motorcycles and little cars. There is just no such thing as a parking lot. As you walked along the narrow roads you just had to be aware and “share the road”! We all felt very at ease getting out late at night and walking through the streets to take in the nightlife and the beauty of the city under darkness.  It felt comfortable and the night view was just as spectacular as the day.


In my humble opinion, the most picturesque and iconic view of the city could be found looking up or down the Arno River that splits the old from the new. From the vantage point of one of four bridges, spectators took in the daily the sunrise and sunset, most likely with a glass of wine in hand. The most famous of the bridges, Ponte Vecchio, has been the centerpiece of shopping commerce since the 13th century. The bridge was originally built in 1218 and rebuilt in 1345 after a major flood. Today it houses exclusive shops for goldsmiths and jewelers. The shops are well known for their exterior wooden shutters but the bridge maybe most noted as the romantic spot for an evening passeggiata (stroll). During our visit we were treated to a full moon that made for the picture perfect ending to an incredible visit to this beautiful city.

Stay tuned for the last stop on the Italian journey, Venice.


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September 29th, 2015

Saluti da Roma, laCita Eterna! Greetings from ROME, the Eternal City. The big surprise or the lack there of is I have traveled across the waters for a “bucket list” check – ITALY!

“Rome is called the Eternal City because ancient Romans believed that no matter what happened to the world or how many empires came and collapsed, Rome would go on forever!”

I have given serious thought to how one might just go about putting into words what the present experience. Having lived if for the past week I have come to the conclusion that are not words grand enough to describe the experience or photographs beautiful enough to compare to provide you a sense of the visual overload. Majestic or grand seem trite in the sense of providing adequate emotion to all that surrounds me. It is in every send of the work Belissimo!!!!!

I have had the grand pleasure of spending the first week of the trip in ROME with my very dear friends David and Kelly Vann. It is our first long haul together and I am happy to say I think we are going to continue to be great friends once the trip is over. No beheadings or crucifixions have been suggested or taken place. Of course, riding in a taxi in Rome can put the fear of God in you!

So we have had the pleasure of spending the first five days in Rome and taken a fair amount of guided tours to help provide a lay of the land as well as try to provide some significance to what we knew and what we are seeing.

The first day we took an Angels and Demons tour following the route of Tom Hanks from the movie by the same name. The Vatican did not look upon the story, which was part fiction and part fact, favorably so the movie was not shot in Italy. One of the churches Tom was to have made famous was St. Maria della Vittoria, the second clue and the second death, on his journey. The church with all of its precious art was visually stunning.


On day two we were off to the Vatican for a “private tour” only to meet up with the thousands of other individuals on some from of private or public tour themselves. The experience was not what I had expected but it is a must if you visit Rome. The Vatican is a country within a country and as luck would have it, the POPE heard we were coming and decided to go to the U.S.A. No time to blow the ring whistle or catch a ride in the Pope Mobile.


On the last tour we chose to go to the Colosseum to see just where Russell Crowe had fought as the Gladiator, Spartacus!!! Of course like Tom Hanks it was just in the movies. No trip to Rome would be complete without going there and imaging the roar of the crowds as they enjoyed the 100 Days for amusement and death. It was a riveting site and a must see to climb to the third level, of what was once six, and see the view from the common citizens perspective. At night the Colosseum lights up to beckon one to revel it all of its glory and stature.


As I said earlier, it would be impossible to begin to state or display the magnitude of the City and all of its history and art. As one might say, you must experience it first hand to even begin to remotely comprehend the significance of the City they call ROMA.

Stay tuned as we head to Florence and on to Venice.  ARRIVEDERCI!!!

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Lake Winnipesaukee

September 21st, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you.  I am writing you from the great state of New Hampshire. I am back at Oliver’s Lodge assisting with another Supershoots workshop at Lake Winnipesaukee.

The 3-day workshop is held in an area that Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have made famous with their late night camp skit. Of course we are not at the factious camp – Camp Winnipesaukee but do understand why he is so partial to the area. In actually Fallon and his wife vacationed at the Lake and have name their child Winnie as a tribute to their love of the area.


And what stay at summer camp would not be complete without a campfire? As we settled in for the evening, after a hard days shoot, nothing completed the evening better than roasting our tales of the day and our shoot accomplishments over a glowing fire.


On of the more memorable boats seen on the lake is a riverboat cruise – the M/S Mount Washington. The 230 ft. dinner cruise boat travels on day cruises around the spring fed Lake Winnipesaukee surrounded by mountain ranges, with more than 240 habitable islands and covers 44,000 acres of crystal clear water. You can see the boat passing painlessly through the channels seeking its next photo vista while its passengers are wined and dined.

It was an exceptional 3 days spent in New England but I am for sure looking to my next big adventure over the next two weeks. Stay Tuned for tales of the upcoming Miss-Adventures.


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Healing Field

September 14th, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you. I hope this email finds you doing well after having spent the last of the summer weekends.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to travel to Phoenix, AZ over the weekend and be a surprise guest for my nieces, Wendy Hayes Hughes, 40th birthday party. The only person I had told was her husband and I wish I had taken the opportunity to have camera in hand to catch the extremely surprised look on her face when I walked through the door. To say the least it was priceless and so was the opportunity to be with her on for this momentous occasion. Happy Birthday Ms. Wendy!

I always look forward to my trips to Arizona because I never quite know where I am going to travel or what I am going to find to visually capture. There is a beautiful park in Tempe AZ where I have spent many the afternoon waiting for the perfect sunset using the city as a backdrop. While watching the news on the evening of my arrival, there was mention of an extensive flag memorial honoring the 9-11 victims in Tempe and I felt, if I had any free time, it was something I just had to go see.

Even though I had seen images of the memorial on the news broadcast, I do not believe that I was quite prepared for the visual and emotional experience I was about to undertake. To say it was a visual overload would have been an understatement. Over 3000 flags that were strategically placed, representing each of the victims of the 9-11 attack at the World Trade Center, covered the entire Tempe Beach Park. The flags are placed in sections representing the different locations of the attacks and include each of the victims’ names.  It was a site that took my breath away.


Through out the park the flags were marked with yellow ribbons designating the “first responders” and sky blue ribbons indicting members of the flight crews that perished.  Additional designations including stuffed bears for the six children that perished and military style boots, at the base of the flags indicting military veterans.


As I walked through the park trying to take in the enormity of the display I could not help but notice all of the other visitors walking through park as they too were over come with emotion. Many had stopped to take general pictures while other were looking for specific names. It would be hard to imagine what it would have felt like if I had actually known someone that had lost his or her life on that day.

As the last remaining rays of light sat over the field I could not help but think that it had been over 14 years since that horrific day that change our nation forever and how fitting the tribute was to honor those individuals. My visit to the Healing Field became another day I will soon not forget. In Tribute ……


In closing, I am sure that 9-11 is a day that we all remember. We will remember how shocking it was, how horrific the imagery of the planes was crashing into the buildings and where we were the exact moment that we learned of what happened. For me it was a “red dawn” kind of experience because I was hiking in the southern Sierras with a group of friends totally unaware that anything had occurred. It was not until the Friday after, when we hiked out of the Sierras that we became painfully aware the tragedy. It was the longest six hour ride back to San Diego and like most I stayed glued to the TV for the next couple of days hoping that what I had was witnessing was a rerun of an old movie and not current reality. I would venture to say it is not a memory or an experience I am ever to forget.


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Wing Ding Doodle

September 8th, 2015

A very happy Tuesday morning to you all.  What an exceptional Labor Day weekend to close out the summer season. I would hope that each and everyone of you were able to get together with family and friends and spend some quality time grilling out, spending time on the water or catching that last bit of sand between your toes at the beach.

Labor Day weekend has always held special memories for me and as I have gotten older those memories continue to grow. Like most Americans it was a weekend closely associated with travel and being with my Dad and family. With the passing of Dad this year those memories have become very dear.

I was fortunate enough to spend my Labor Day weekend with a few of my “extended family” on the water in Counce, Mississippi at the Grand Harbor Marina.  My dear friend Judy Larson had her boat moved over to the marina to begin the process of selling it and we felt it would be fitting to give it a proper send off. Most people may know Counce in a more fitting term as Iuka or Pickwick. Being my very first visit to the area, I must say that I was extremely impressed. A major “Florida resort” type facility in the back woods boarding Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. When you are in the area give Frank a call to take you to Freddy T’s and ask for “Help me Rhonda”, the waitress. We did not spend a lot of time trying to sell the boat but hopefully we made an impression of the people we did meet.


Prior to leaving for the weekend I took the opportunity to head downtown and catch the largest Gold Wing and Motorcycle Touring rally in the world aptly titled “Wind Ding!” Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on the city with all shapes, styles and configurations of motorcycles. My Dad was a rider and I can remember siting on the back of his BMW and holding on for dear life. Although I never caught the bug to ride I do still appreciate the beauty of the machine. One of the more interesting and comical aspects of these riders is there tag along mascot. As you strolled though the maze of vehicles they sit contently on the back of the bike watching over the proceedings.


What a glorious site it was and what an amazing event that has come to our city.  It is hard not to be overwhelmed by all the bikes parked side by side in the street. On this Labor Day weekend, I thought it is very fitting that many of the riders display a multitude of flags but most are displayed in tribute and honor the weekend that pays respect to our veterans. Happy Trails!!!!!


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