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A Park Done Right

October 20th, 2014

A very good Monday morning to you all. I am on the last leg of this 5-week photo tour having covered Maine, New Hampshire, Mexico, Nevada and lastly Arizona. I am very fortunate to include, as the last part of my trip, a visit to spend time with my family and friends in Phoenix, AZ. The tour has been a powerhouse travel and shooting spree. I actually was able to get a little down time from all of my air travel by driving from Vegas to Phoenix and taking in some of the sights along the way.

While visiting my sister a couple of years back the city of Mesa, AZ. announced they were up rooting a city park and golf course to make way for a new Chicago Cubs spring training ball park and supporting retail facilities. The residents of the city that used the park were concerned about losing a vital part of the fabric of their recreational community. The concern rings true in most cities when changes occur like this.

The Cubs Ball Park was finished in time for the 2014 spring season and a new community park for the residents was completed shortly there after. Like most, I was very skeptical about hearing about what the city was doing so I took the opportunity to drag my nieces and nephews to the park over the weekend and I am proud to say that the City of Mesa absolutely got this one right. The new ultramodern outdoor park offered a lot of green space, water space, along with water activities and an exceptional modern playground for families to share. The park pretty much had something for everyone except maybe, enough parking.


All too often you hear the tales of urban planning and city revitalization but it tends to end up as just fun trips for those given the task but few with little vision for what is really needed for the community. I was genuinely amazed at the diversity of the individuals using the park and the number of different activities occurring while I was there. I got the feeling that this was the type of park that could sit anywhere in Small or Large town USA. It was a park that could make a difference for those … looking to make a difference.

If any of you city planners are listening, this just may be the park you want to visit and emulate!!!!! ENJOY!


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Bling On The Desert Floor

October 15th, 2014

Happy Hump Day to you all! My apologies for the tardiness in my posting of my Monday morning blog but being on the road has gotten the best of me. It seems that my trip to Cancun and then on to Vegas took its toll on my time and posting.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks when you think of going from Cancun to Vegas and this week’s workshop has been grueling both in time and energy. But all in all it has been an absolute delight working with the models and aspiring photographers. Our shoot locations have been stellar this year. It is always a pleasure to meet new people and the models have stepped up their game and done an exceptional job.

The Vegas Supershoots ( is one of my favorite workshops and as much as I like photographing the sparkle and twinkle of the city lights it is the models that I like to feature. We have been very fortunate with the weather and it has made for some spectacular images.

It seems that this lady who is an alumni of the Vegas workshops always brings her “A” game and this year was no exception. Ms. Fauna Cero always seems to find me just at the right moment and always has the perfect compliment to finish out the day. Her amazing beauty was captured on the first day of shooting on the Dry Lake Bed.


If I am not mistaken this second lady, along with Fauna, may just be a repeat offender from last year. They both have a way of making your job so easy and making you look so very good. Ms. Morgan Mulholand, coming all way from the Bay Area seems to know no bounds or the word no. When asked it she can do it, she just finds a way. How could not want to spend as much time with her or more importantly both of the beautiful and very talented ladies. I would be remiss if I did not also mention the exceptional talents of our MUA’s, Ms. Alta Dekoven, Ms. Kristie Imageri, Ms. Wynete Tyree and Mr. Daniel Mata. Without these exceptionally talented individuals none of this would be possible. So without further ado, Ms. Morgan soaring ever so high at sunset!!!!

What goes on in Vegas … gets captured!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!


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Island Time

October 7th, 2014

Hopefully this Tuesday morning finds you all doing well and working steadily for the weekend.

I am writing you today for the second part of our shoot from Cancun Mexico. We have been knee deep with a commercial and lifestyle shoot for Royal Resorts. Most of our time has been spent on property, not saying that it is a bad thing, but we have had little time to get out amongst the locals.

On one of our days off we had the opportunity to go swim with the dolphins, which turned out to be quite the experience. While waiting for our scheduled swim two of the “water cabs” were taking others out to snorkel.


The weather has been amazing for our weeklong shoot with the Royal Resorts and our hosts have been fabulous. There was some concerned that our shoots may be interrupted by thunderstorms but so far we have been very lucky shooting their newest property, the Grand Residences. The days have been long but the shoots have been spectacular with a few raging sunsets.


And what would a commercial shoot be like without one or two behind the scenes photos, thanks to my very accomplished assistant Ms. April Berardi.

So here is to a few more days in Paradise and then back to the states.



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Office With A View

September 29th, 2014

And a very good Monday morning to you all. I would hope that you were blessed with a wonderful and enjoyable weekend and that you are off to a good start with your workweek.

I find myself writing you today from Cancun Mexico where I have the very fortunate pleasure to be involved in a commercial and lifestyle shoot for Royal Resorts. The negotiation to get here has been a long time in the making with a few hurdles but it is good to say, “We have arrived!”


I am extremely excited about the opportunity to be here and capturing the essence of their flagship ship resort, Grand Residences. The weather is amazing as you might well imagine for this time of year and we are looking forward to a spectacular week of shooting and working with our Royal Resorts contact Ms. Trinity Houston. To say this is monumental would be a huge understatement but it is a challenge that I am so looking forward to. And of course when I say “we” I am referring to my assistant extraordinaire, Ms. April Berardi, whom I have had the pleasure to work with on numerous projects in the past. It is extremely gratifying to know that I have someone as multi-talented as April covering my back. I would be remiss if I did not also give a special shout out to Rich and Cindy Drinkard who were instrumental in making the introduction and assisting in process along the way.

Stay Tuned, we are off to the beach. ENJOY!!!!


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September 22nd, 2014

A very good Monday morning to you all! I hope you were out and about and took advantage of the wonderful weekend weather.

Last week I had the extreme pleasure to make a return trip to Maine, traveling from a workshop I had instructed at in New Hampshire, with some dear friends Kelly and David Vann. Maine is the eastern most state in the U.S., the number one exporter of Blueberries and is the least densely populated state east of the Mississippi with about 83% of it forested. Most impressive is that Maine’s 230 miles of coastline is host to 66 Lighthouses of which 57 are still active. Each and every lighthouse has it’s own very unique personality. The oldest (built in 1791) and one of the most impressive of light stations is the Portland Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. George Washington originally commissioned the Portland headlight in 1787.

My last trip to Maine was over 10 years ago where I spent three weeks on a magazine shoot in the north. I can honestly say I fell instantly in love with the beauty of the Northern coastal and vastly wooded scenic nature of the state. It was quaint, the people were very hospitable and enchanting and the scenery was breathtaking. I had the visual pleasure to see and capture the state from the ground, air and sea from a vantage point that most that have lived there may have never had the opportunity to do so. It is a mystical and whimsical state.

This fast and furious 2-½ day trip to Maine started off by heading south to Kennebunkport, which is home to Walkers Point, summer home of President George H.W. Bush. Our hotel was actually a half-mile from the compound and as luck would have it, the city was expecting the Presidents arrival the day after my departure. As we passed by the compound on Wednesday, it was a flurry of activity and full of Black customized SUV’s. Needless to say, my invitation to lunch did not arrive in time for me to delay my departure.


Maine is known for its lobster and clams and I must confess that we did our best to sample all we could, making it our mission to find the best lobster roll and clam chowder in the state. At the end of our dining journey, with all the votes cast, it ended in a tie between the Portland Lobster Company in Portland and Roberts Maine Grill located in Kittery. The one defining factor may have been the Blueberry Crumble desert at Roberts. I am pretty sure that put us in a Maine dining euphoric state of mind.

When not enjoying the oral coastal delicacies of the area, we spent our time touring and road tripp’n. It became a photographic delight capturing the essence of the harbors with their plethora of the boat dinghies, the lighthouses, the multi-colored lobster buoys and the butter fragranced lobster pounds. As much as it had a familiar feel, I was very surprised at just how different the landscape was in the southern part of the state versus the northern part, which I was so familiar with. The southern part was open with the majority of the coast dotted with houses while the north is populated with small boating communities surrounding the protected harbors and very heavily forested as you head inland. As much as I loved being back in Maine, I found myself pondering the beauty of the north over the south, the solitude of the quaint coastal harbors versus the more opened landscape of the south. There is no doubt that both areas are a photographers delight but I would have to exclaim that the north lent itself to the more adventurous! As much as I enjoyed the visit, next year I think I will share the North and all it has to offer by returning the favor and extending an invitation to my friends.. Enjoy!!!!!!


Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.     Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

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