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A Snow Kind of DAZE

February 23rd, 2015

A very good Monday morning to you! I hope that you were able to find a way to stay warm during the southern arctic blast that found it’s way here. I thawed out some of my homemade chili and was able to at least put a little heat on the inside.

One year ago, almost to the day, I was in Pensacola Beach and “island locked” due to a severe ice storm that had hit the area and closed access to the island for 3 days. Not a bad place to be if you are iced in but totally unexpected for sunny Florida. One year later the south faces the freezing temperatures of an arctic blast that brought some snow and ice. Something that is very common for our friends to the north, but such a rarity here we plan for days of discomfort by buying gallons of milk and loaves of bread. I just wish I had bought futures in dairy.

When it snows the inner child comes out in me and I find myself, no matter the temperature, needing to get out and play. Of course “play” these days consists more of photography than snowballs and snowmen. Although it lasted less than 24 hours, the snowstorm did offer some opportunity to capture its beauty so off I went. Knowing that limited time, I chose to focus my attention on downtown Huntsville. So I headed out to one of my favorite “aerial” haunts where I had the perfect vantage point to capture the city.


Once I had photographed all there was to capture and frozen to the bone, I choose to head to the streets to find any like wise individuals willing to brave the elements. The snowflakes were large and the wind was swift and bitter. The streets were mostly vacated except for the few that were looking to take the chill off with an appetizer and libation. My guess was that most of the downtown watering holes did not last long into the evening.


With the light slowly slipping away I decided to make a slow and safe trek back to the house with the idea of capturing that last “final” image. My biggest desire was not to bust my bums on the ice or find my vehicle on a roller coaster slip and slide. As I ventured out of town I decided to take a side trip to the old depot. Once there I realized I had made a good decision. I just imagined it as it once was during its heyday! I will gladly admit that our snowstorms leave a lot when compared to what they see and endure to the north of us. But for that brief time, it was Beautiful! ENJOY!!


Lets make 2015 a year of stellar photographic memories. For all of your stock imagery needs whether it is art for editorial, corporate or private collection, look no further! We may have exactly what you need. PLEASE keep us in mind for any upcoming assignments you may have.

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Mardi Gras Comes to Huntsville

February 16th, 2015

Happy Presidents Day! I trust you had a fabulous weekend with your favorite Valentine. If you forgot I hope you had a great backup plan!

This weekend was jammed packed with so much going on in Huntsville it was difficult to make a decision on where to go and what to do. The air was filled with music, love and festivities. In the middle of all the weekend activities, Huntsville was celebrating with its second Annual Mardi Gras parade. Thousands lined the streets of downtown waiting their chance to catch the traditional golden prize of beads thrown in the designated “throw zone”! For that couple of hours the city had transformed itself into a mini New Orleans with over 50 Krewes participating in the parade.

While Huntsville is no match for the celebrations in Mobile and New Orleans, it is only in its second year and the organizers have done well to make it worth the effort for all involved. Participating Krewes did their best to entertain the crowds and present a Mardi Gras atmosphere! The crowd favorite (well at least mine) may just have been The Cotton Candies, a self proclaimed all female “marching Krewe with a dancing problem!” The all pink outfits and their choreographed dance moves captivated the crowds as they slid effortlessly through the streets displaying their colorful outfits and their Big smiles!


All in all it was a very special day full of frivolity. For all of us that will not make the trek to New Orleans, Huntsville’s parade and the organizers did all they could to give us a little taste of jumbalaya and a chance to go home with a chest covered in beads!

Laissez les bons temps rouler – Let the Good Times Roll!


Lets make 2015 a year of stellar photographic memories. For all of your stock imagery needs whether it is art for editorial, corporate or private collection, look no further! We may have exactly what you need. PLEASE keep us in mind for any upcoming assignments you may have.

Best Regards …………. dK

Georgia On My Mind

February 9th, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you all. I trust you were able to get out and enjoy the exceptional weekend weather.

This week I am on a shoot trip traveling through Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. The first two days in Georgia did not allow for much time because the clients shoot schedule was fairly demanding. I was able to step out side one evening and catch one of the most engaging sunsets I have seen in sometime. The Angelic cloud pattern gracing the heavenly sky was simply awe-inspiring.

Sometimes it just pays to be at the right place at the right time. I know this is a short blog this week but I hope the sunset is oh so sweet!



Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising and Editorial.

Best Regards !!!!
~ dennis keim ~

Kaffeeklatsch – If The Walls Would Talk

February 2nd, 2015

A very happy Super Bowl Monday morning to you all!! Congratulations to the New England Patriots as the new Super Bowl Champions. What a great evening for football and just how many wings did you eat!?!?!?!?!?!?

A couple weeks ago you might have felt a tremor move through the city. After over 30 years of promoting and supporting the music and bar scene in Huntsville, our beloved Kaffeeklatsch Bar turned the stage lights down and “last call” reverberated through the bar for the final time. It will be hard to imagine the downtown with out this historical landmark that has opened its doors to patrons for more than 3 generations.


The Klatsch, as most locals affectionately called it, was where many of Huntsville premier musicians got their start and everyone that was a patron called it home. It was known as the bar where touring musicians, visiting the city, graced the stage and frequently sat in with the local bands. During the years of Big Spring Jam, Huntsville’s downtown 3-day music festival, the Klatsch was the natural place to migrate to catch many of the star-studded musicians sitting in on the late night sessions. It was the local venue that sustained and weathered the ever changing downtown bar and music scene. The Klatsch fostered local talent and brought in big name acts knowing that it would be virtually impossible, even if they packed the house, to make a profit, but that is just what they did. Of course when I say they, I really am referring to the owner and operator for over 30 years, Ms. Carole Record.

The Klatsch is where I met my dear friend and bluesman Dave Gallaher for the first time. I had received a call from him inquiring about hiring me to shoot some promotional photographs. Knowing nothing about the band, Microwave Dave and the Nukes, I chose to slide in on one of their performances at the Klatsch. With a name like theirs, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were a blues band and not a punk rock band as I had surmised. That was the night my appreciation for the band and for the bar began and from there it became a maturing love affair for both.


It would be very difficult to gauge the real affect that Carole, her staff and the bar had on Huntsville but I can assure you that there is not a person or a place that has been more endearing to the numerous generations of patrons. You were never alone when you went to the bar because of the friendly bartenders or any number of customers that frequented the establishment on a regular basis. It always felt like home when you went there, no matter how long it had been since your last visit. Like the saying, “What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, I can honestly say there may be no better fitting slogan for the Klatsch. If only the walls could / would talk!!!!! Then again most of us are very happy they cannot!

To Carole and her staff, we wish you all the best. Turn out the lights, knowing that you have touch the lives of so many people. You have truly affected everyone that passed through the doors, one time or a hundred times. As for the “Klatsch” you will be missed but if memory continues to serve me correctly you will, by all means, never ever be forgotten.



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A POINT with a View

January 26th, 2015

A very happy Monday morning to you all and I trust you had a fabulous weekend.

This past week I spent a large majority of my time organizing my photo files, cataloging and securing them to a collective group of external hard drives. With the advent of digital photography, it has become imperative to secure the digital files in a library and folder system that allows me to find them for future use. The day of the film negative envelope is long gone.

While looking through images from one of my recent trips to San Diego, I came across a folder of images I had shot while touring Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and Point Loma Lighthouse National Park. Both of these attractions sit atop a hill that overlooks the entrance to San Diego bay and offers a spectacular view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. The lighthouse was originally commissioned in 1855 and then moved to its current location overlooking the bay in 1891 due to a serious flaw. At 422 feet above sea level, fog and clouds often obscured the beacon from being able to alert approaching ships and vessels.

On my chosen day to visit, the clouds were playing peak-a-boo with the sun and as historically advertised hindering any sighting of the city or the ocean. As luck would have it, just as I was about to give up for the day, a beam of sun light broke through the clouds and began to illuminate the property pushing the cloud coverage aside. I must say it was well worth the wait.


From the elevated point you can look to the coast of the Mexican state of Baja California. 15 miles south of San Diego and 8 miles from the Mexican coast sits a group of four islands. The Coronado Islands, which are under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Tijuana, are uninhabited and currently serve as a Mexican wildlife refugee. On a clear day they are visible from Point Loma and on this day as the fog and clouds cleared I was able to get a brief glimpse of the top of one the islands. The sightseeing boat added the perfect compliment to the picturesque setting.

ENJOY a California moment and a breath of fresh air!!!!!


Lets make 2015 a year of stellar photographic memories. For all of your stock imagery needs whether it is art for editorial, corporate or private collection, look no further! We may have exactly what you need. PLEASE keep us in mind for any upcoming assignments you may have.

Best Regards …………. dK